martes, 7 de junio de 2011

Southern Stalemate

Let me see within my eyes the land where I must come back

Go, please, go from the horizon that I want to see

let me hear within my ears that sound I should not forget,

go from this veins pulse.

You have taken my land far from me, you have taken its place

I have stayed suspended too long in your intimacy,

there where I am no longer a foreign , where I never have been native

¿Can I return from you? Let me, I need to return before my name´s change.

Let me go, even by parts

first my tears, second my voice, my toes third

Let go most of my body, even if you save a piece of the marrow of my zest.

S t a g n a n c y; I can be in you no longer, so remote,

where now there are not new hellos and there are no farewells.

Con un gracias a Diana Matisz

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